Art Education

Course in Art Appreciation

A fun and accessible combination of online classes and in person guided tours for those interested in enhancing their understanding of art and being part of a community.

Mags with her students in Art Appreciation at the Rijksmuseum January 2019

Course Content

Who will host the classes?

Artist Mags Harnett.

What day / time will the course run?

The classes will run on Friday mornings from 11.30 am

How long does the course run for?

Ten weeks, next term beginning September 2022

How long is each class

Approximately 70-80 minutes in duration.

What will the course cover? 

The course will cover a broad range of topics relating to History of Art – different artists, styles, periods and art movements.  No previous knowledge necessary and no exams!

How do I register ?

Email Mags at

How much is the course?

The course costs €180 for the full course covering ten weeks includes online classes and tours.

What online platform will the course be run on?

Community Art Projects

The course will be run on Zoom and every 3rd week in person at a cultural institution. We will meet up to see an exhibition every 3 weeks (in accordance with public health guidelines).

Creation of a mural at the entrance to the Oratory in Dun Laoghaire to celebrate its centenary.


I have worked for several years in art education, sharing my passion for both creating and appreciating art. Currently, I am working with the National Gallery of Ireland as a tour guide and workshop facilitator. I work mostly with school groups but I also run monthly sketching tours there (you can find details on the National Gallery’s website). I also tutor three groups of adult education with the ETB and run an art class for primary school children as part of after-school classes. I organise art trips for adults; last January I accompanied 35 people to Amsterdam and the Hague to look at Dutch art of the Golden Age.

After-school art workshop

Self portraits (St Attracta’s Rang 4) after Lucien Freud 3 part project including visit to IMMA

Group work in workshop

Depicting Diversity -Online workshops during lockdown

These workshops took place in 20 different primary school classes in DLR. The 5min video will tell you all you need to know!

Depicting Diversity – YouTube